True Blue Baby I Love You!

Whether it's Electric, Cornflower, Indigo, Baby, Cobalt or Navy..... Blue is our favourite colour right now!

Check out some of these fabulous wallpapers! The colour Blue represents feelings of tranquillity and cleanliness, yet can also bring strength and power to mind. Think of the skies and the sea!

Cloud Rococo Ombre Wallpaper Panels

Rousseau Wallpaper - Cole & Son

Blue is an amazingly versatile colour. A striking shade like electric blue can add a confident sense of energy to a room, while pale baby blue walls can make a space feel calm and tranquil.

Delft Baroque wallpaper

Gilded Illusion wallpaper

Darker hues like navy and indigo can create drama, while lighter shades can make small spaces feel much more spacious. The effect depends on the tone of blue.

Blue Scrapwood Wallpaper

If you're not ready to go all in, wallpapering just one blue feature wall is an easy way to dip your toes in the water. Alternatively, try introducing some blue accessories, you can always add to it if you’re happy with the look!

Eclipse Side Table

Geometric Print Cushion

Flock Picture Frame

Bamboo Print Vase

Neon Tube Light

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